Is It Possible to Transfer My Personal Loan to Someone Else?

You will often have a cosigner or guarantor when applying for a personal loan. Many people misunderstand, and they think that cosigners or guarantors would also be held responsible for the loan, or they can pass on the loan to them.

However, these beliefs are false. If you want to learn more about the transferring of personal loans, then read on to know more.

Can I Transfer My Loan to Someone Else?

The shortest answer is no. Regardless of who that person is and if they have the same qualifications and credit score as you, this is not possible. Personal loans are given to each person after their profile has been analyzed and checked by the lender.

Transferring a loan is not possible. If someone wants to help you pay off your loan, the best that they can do is send the money to you, and you pay it off yourself. This loan will permanently be under your name, regardless of who was paying for it.

What is the Purpose of a Cosigner or Guarantor?

The cosigner or guarantor acts as a witness that all your documents are valid. They also testify that they know you by cosigning their loan. However, you still cannot transfer your loan to them.

Yet, the cosigner or guarantor still has a role when it comes to the payment of your loan. If you fail to repay your loan and you default, then the cosigner or guarantor can be held responsible for the payment. However, the loan will still be under the borrower’s name, and the cosigner or guarantor will simply appear as so. Yet, their credit score would not be affected.

Can I Transfer My Car Loan or House Mortgage?

While personal loans cannot be simply transferred, car loans and house mortgages can be. However, there are still specific requirements and particular situations that would make this possible.

First, most establishments will require someone to have their credit score at least the same as the original borrower. Additionally, there are also loan or mortgage contracts that allow this specifically, depending on the establishment. However, it is still more possible than transferring a personal loan.

Some people may choose to transfer their car loan or a house mortgage to someone else if they cannot pay for it. Transferring the loan also means that the property is also transferred to them and has become theirs rightfully.

However, take note that not all establishments will allow this. The establishments that allow this will also have specific requirements for you to do that. There is also the option for the new borrower to work with another lender. The new lender will then pay off the old loans, and the new borrower will have their dealings and agreements with the new lender.


There may be times when we have loans that we cannot pay off, and we would like to transfer them to someone else. However, for personal loans, this is not a possible option. Although it is something that you can do for car loans or house mortgages, there are still requirements. Ensure that you do not default on your loan; otherwise, your credit score will be negatively affected.

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